Umami Menu

Dear friends, welcome at Umami Tirana, the ideal and the most sophisticated place, with the warmest service, already the restaurant of all of you. Wishing and hoping you have an amazing trip in taste, I’m also inviting you to experiment the ‘ala carte’ menu that changes every season, but also the degustation menu (with 14 different and special dishes). I have put in every single recipe all the passion, dynamism and the freshness of products; without mentioning the delicate touch of desserts, that will certainly bring you back at Umami!

All the dishes at “Umami Restaurant” are prepared with extra virgin olive oil. “Umami Restaurant” completes all the requirements according to the European Standards (HACCP) of Hygiene and Food Quality Control.
‘’ Pastes in Umami are all fresh ‘’
– Bread is freshly prepared every day in umami and without yeast.

Thank You!
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Degustation Menu

 (6 different  tastes)

Soup velouté

Salad with french goat cheese

Ravioli with mozzarella and basil

Striped bass fillet or filet mignon

The chefs dessert

A glass of red or white wine


3300 Lekë


Soup of the day – 450

Tomato salad – 500
Dry tomatoes/ French goat cheese

Fresh energy salad – 500
Chia seeds/ Baked sesame/ Estragon/ Coriander/ Mango / Strawberries/ Black beans/ Prosciutto di Parma

Mixed crudo – 2000
Striped bass/ Scallops/ Scampi/ Shrimps

Baked scallops – 1100
Avocado/ Lime/ Chives

Marinated octopus – 800
Baby rucola/ Extra virgin olive oil/ Fennel/ Celery

Smoked salmon -900
Seaweed/ Edamame beans/ Pickles

King crab tartare – 1600
Lime/ Coriander/ Estragon/ Caviar

Roasted foie gras – 1600
French brioche/Fig and green apple marmalade

Prociutto di Parma and parmigiano – 1200


Spaghetti – 450
Tri colored tomatoes / Winter basil

Cannelloni – 500
Ricotta / Baby spinach / Roasted pine nuts

Tortellini – 500
Vegetables tartare / Rosemary / Lemongrass

Linguini – 700
Fresh pepper / Fish tartare/ Butter

Fagottini – 550
Mozzarella / Basil / Tomato tartare / Pecorino

Ravioli – 600
BPorcini/ Fresh truffles / Extra virgin olive oil

Ravioli with cuttlefish – 600
Shrimps/ Bisquets/ Estragon / Coriander

Rigatoni – 700
Porcini/ Truffles sauce / Mushrooms

Penne – 650
Smoked and fresh salmon / Aromatic oil / Raki / Parsley

Spaghetti – 700
Vongole / Shrimps / Chili / Parsley / Extra virgin olive oil

Gluten free pasta – 750
Roasted chicken or veal fillet / Dry tomatoes / Mushrooms / Aromatic truffles oil / Basil pesto / Pinenuts

Risotto with vongole, mussels and shrimps – 800

Risotto with porcini and fresh truffles – 700

Risotto alla carbonara – 700
Prosciutto di Parma / Parmigiano / Pepper

Selected Meat From Different Countries

Tomahawk Black Angus premium Australia (1500 gr) – 12000

Albanian Rib eye (700 gr) – 4000

American Rib eye (500 gr for 2 persons) – 6000

Japanese Kobe beef (100 gr) 24K gold/ Fresh truffles – 10000

Flap meat black angus (300 gr) – 3500

Umami Degustastion Full Experience

  (15 different  tastes)


Soup velouté with topinambur, salted biscuits and crème fraîche

King crab tartare with coriander, edamame beans and lime

Scallops with avocado cream and sea legumes

Baked scampi in orange and coconut juices

Fruit granita

Foie gras with french brioche

Roasted filet mignon with rosemary

Exploding sphere with fruit flavor

Pyramid of love with 24K gold, silver and wild fruits

Pomegranate liqueur with sichuan pepper


Coffee or bio tea


6500 Lekë

Main Course

Fish of the day (you are welcomed to ask the waiter)

Striped bass with fried potatoes – 1600 
Celery roots/Asparagus / Enoki / Tomato confit

Salmon– 1500
CousCous/ Pumpkin cream / Beetroot tartare / Lime

Pork tenderloin – 1400
Ricotta/ Honey/ Mashed apple with muscat nut

Chicken burger – 800

Veal burger – 800

Umami Extra Burger – 950
Albanian veal meat / Guda/ Baked bacon / Fried eggs / Umami mayonnaise with fresh spices / Pickled cucumber / French fried potatoes

Duck breast fillet – 1500
Spring rolls with spinach and caramelized onions / Sweet potatoes cream / Caramelized apple / Wild fruits

Filet mignon – 1600
Topinambur cream/ Oven baked potatoes / Tomato marmalade / Baby carrots / French bean sprouts

Lamb breeze – 1500
Vegetables à l’étoufflée / Mashed potatoes / Chives / Thyme and rosemary sauce

Lamb from the New Zealand – 1800
Rosemary / Thyme/ Butter / Baby vegetables

Street Food Menu
 (All in 450 Lek)

Marinated acciughe

Shrimp tempura

Smoked salmon focaccia

Bruschetta with tomato, basil and mozzarella

Croquettes with baked potatoes and apples

Spring rolls with guda

Dip 3 in 1
Ricotta with chili / Chick peas / Crème fraîche with cucumber tartare

Baked homemade pancakes

Baked potatoes

Fried pizza

Fried cheese

Chicken thighs confit with BBQ sauce

Mini chicken burger

Mini veal burger

Shish Kebab with chicken fillet, filet mignon, or pork tenderloin

Homemade sausages

Baked goat cheese with honey and sesame

Goat’s cheese en papillote with chili, tomatoes, olive oil and fresh oregano

“Umami Sweet Trip”

( desserts preparation, 15 minutes )

“” Pyramid of love “” – 800
Chocolate / 24K gold / Silver powder

““ Moccha and Cappuccino “” – 650
Chocolate tart / 24K gold / English cream with lemongrass

““ Magical fruits “” – 600
Crumble / Panna Cotta with mint / Lemongrass / Apple

Cheese cake with Baileys – 500

“” Mint and Mocha “” – 550
Lime / Mint / Tonka beans / Praline wafer

“” Cinnamon and Caramel “” – 600
Pear tart/ Almond cream/ Grapes/ Blueberries

Tres leches with coconuts – 400

“” Lime and Tangerine “” – 500
Sable breton tart / Lime confit

Pomegranate and gillyflower liqueur – 350
Pomegranate / Cinnamon / Staranis

Truffes with 24K gold powder (10 pieces) – 600